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Our journey of scrap metals started in year 2000 in Riyadh, being consistent top bidders of electrical transformers which we then dismantled & export the contents out and had become prime supplier of Silicon Electrical Sheets in the region and later diversified to all kinds of non ferrous and ferrous metals.We have been active members of international recycling organizations and built congenial partners around the globe.

We have developed excellent relations with the top Aluminum companies in short time since our inception in Kingdom of Bahrain in 2013 being specialist in Aluminum Profiles Scrap & other non ferrous scrap metals. We provide services that include collection,processing, handling, transporting and tolling the rejected/scrap profiles on behalf of our clients from their customers from middle east and other parts of world.We have two fully equipped scrap processing yards in Riyadh & Bahrain.We also deal in old power plants, transformers , machines , equipments, motors, ferrous & non ferrous scrap metals.

Our clients in Bahrain include Scrap Yards, Metal Factories , Contracting Companies & other Scrap shops.

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As a family owned group we constantly look forward for exploring future emerging markets that is in the need of the promptness & decisiveness of a traditional yet modern management that pursue the path of creativity & enhanced technology through out its journey.At Lilian we have invested immensely on our skilled team, the metal processing plants & international partnerships to offer world class services and machines in the region.We have developed our operations tailor suited for each clients catering to their scrap management needs at their premises as we understand that all needs are independent and unique from others. Stay in touch and follow us on social media for more updates.
Namsheed Nazeer
Founder & Chief Managing Director
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What we do ? At Lilian we can toll your scrap generated from your customers anywhere from the globe & bring it to your cast house completely baled, stacked & ready to be melted. We can also process your local generated scrap and deliver to you as well at reasonable costs but at high quality. Where ? We have state of art shearing & baling plant in Bahrain & ready to diversify further as per client needs. Current Project ? We are providing Aluminum baling / compression services to the one of the biggest Aluminum Smelters in the world . Until December 2018 we were processing Aluminum Profiles Scrap about 8000 tons per year. From Jan 2019 we have doubled our production capacity. Why Scrap ? 1. Alumina costs are soaring up ,increasing shortage thus the demand. 2. Scrap uses only 5% of energy which primary aluminum uses. 3. 5 series or 6 series of scrap is considerably 300 to 500$ per ton lesser than primary aluminum. What do we benefit from processing or BALING the SCRAP we have ? 1. Reduce melting losses by 15-20% 2. Avoid high pile-up of scrap at your cast house 3. Cut the operational costs & safety risks on scrap Having a high pile-up of scrap at cast house is not a good sight, affecting mobility of your team in the plant and attached safety risks along at emergencies. Scrap Processing needs an independent designed facility itself which can maximize the intake , segregate , clean ,shear , bale hand in hand and non stop. That\'s where we play our role in assisting your plant to run smooth while procuring scrap and leaving rest to us.

We also provide special ACSR cables separating / stripping services. We separate Aluminum from the steel and process each metal as per client requirements.

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